NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is an event held every year in the month of November. This challenge was first set forth by Chris Baty, who started off with a challenge of writing 50,000 words in one month. It has since been converted into not only a challenge but a non-profit organization that helps young writers obtain the resources to achieve their goals.

NaNoWriMo gives structure and direction to those who participate, as well as resources to keep their novels going. The website functions as a social networking platform where authors can make an author profile and begin expanding their networking circle.

It’s true that 50,000 words is a lot for a month. It is roughly 1,600 words per day. However, the main goal of NaNoWriMo in many folks’ opinions is to create habits; to pick up the craft every day, and write, even if what comes of it isn’t always your best work.

NaNoWriMo grows bigger every year, and with more support, more education is being funded and provided. There they believe that every story matters, and that every person has the ability to tell their story.

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